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News and projects

In this part, we share with you news of our farm.

If you have ideas for projects, partnerships, work placement.., you are welcome to contact us.

Shipping of African catfish


We are happy to now provide catfish breeders to our customers around the world. On pictures below the packing from our team to a farmer in south's part of Africa

We have the possibility to ship fish of various size, from 100 grams to 1 kilo to fit on the customers´s needs in the best



A couple of weeks ago we had Floris here who did his internship here at the farm. It was very fun and we got very impressed about his work. Read down below about his stay and swipe to have a look at his 3D modells that he did.

For my master thesis in Computer Science at the University of Bath I am investigating the ability to detect Tilapia Lake Virus and Streptococcosis in Nile Tilapia through the use of AI. For this project I was lucky enough with the support of Pauline and Cyril to spend a week collecting data at Gårdsfisk. To best train AI for this I needed to collect data of both healthy and sick fish in the same environment. As Gårdsfisk does not have sick fish, I created them using 3D modelling, printing and painting. Pauline supervised my stay and is both highly knowledgable and passionate about her field. I was given a great mixture of freedom to conduct my research and support if I had any questions or requests. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the farm and owe a big debt of gratitude to the entire company. 

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